Nicholas Bayley
Psychotherapy and Counselling in Reading

24th January 2021 
About Therapy

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About Counselling and Psychotherapy

How long will it take?
Most therapy is on an open-ended basis - we go on until we agree with each other that something has shifted, things have become clearer, and it's time to work towards an ending. Some people with specific difficulties will agree at the outset on a fixed period of more focussed counselling

Who is it for?
I mostly work with adults one-to-one but do sometimes see couples (gay or straight) and also young people aged 11 and upwards.

What will it be like?
At the first meeting you'll tell me about yourself and we'll discuss what is bringing you to therapy. I'll talk to you about what the ongoing work will be like. You can always ask me anything. I will expect you to speak openly about your thoughts and feelings, even about me.